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Margate Farmers Market Update

How unbelievably fast this summer flew by! My intention was to write more frequently but I was not able to fit it in! It was great to see our returning friends at the Margate Market and meet new ones. I would like to thank everyone who supported us this summer and look forward to seeing everyone next summer. You know you can contact us anytime if you need clams in between! They are available year round. Unfortunately, it was disappointing that we were unable to provide clams for the last day of the market before Labor Day due to Hurricane Irene and the State closing all the shellfish beds! Who would have thought, here we were worried about our homes and the hatchery and evacuating. We never thought about having to worry about shellfish closures during our peak season. But we were lucky and blessed that the Hurricane winds subsided by time it reached us and that we were spared damage and the massive flooding that North Jersey sustained. Still, the Market was again a success this year. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious homemade cheese and muffins, herbs, and I cant forget the fresh bread and beautiful flowers. I love bringing a bunch home to brighten up the kitchen. By attending the market weekly our family enjoyed Jersey tomatoes with basil and mozzarella, fresh eggplant parmesan, and roasted red peppers. Oh, how can I forget the sweet Jersey corn! I will really miss all the fresh fruit and veggies.

Lastly, I would just like to thank Cookie (Steve and Cookies Restaurant, Margate) and June for running a great market and giving us this opportunity.

Margate Community Farmers Market Opens

The official start of the Margate Community Farmers Market will be Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 9:00 am.   Come visit us and purchase fresh clams for the weekend along with other delicious produce and products directly from local producers.Continue Reading