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Clams Moved on to Upwellers!

The young clams are about 20 days old and have been eating up a storm and growing rapidly by the day. The first batch of clams have just moved from the downwellers to upwellers and now are outside and being fed by fresh salt water from the bay which brings the algae in the water directly to them. Growth rings can be seen at this time and clams are measuring up to 600 microns (about .6 mm)!

Clams are One Week Old

The clams are now developing their foot and are still swimming and eating well.  We will be getting ready to put them in downwellers when they are ready to set.  Larval clams swim for the first week to two weeksContinue Reading

Spawning Success!

After  an initial slow beginning, we had a successful spawn yesterday. The larval clams are just a day old and swimming and enjoying their first meal of algae. I took some video and pictures under the microscope today and planContinue Reading

Hello world!

This is my very first post ever! Welcome to our website, I hope you come back often to visit and comment.  Our brood stock clams are in the hatchery and we are busy getting ready for our 2011 season.