"Home of the Jersey Clam"
An Ode To The Clam

An Ode To The Clam

Written by Celeste Humphrey


I never knew a creature

That’s as noble as a clam.

He’s quiet and he’s useful

And as gentle as a lamb.

His only occupation is to

Lie there in the mud,

Or to dig a little deeper

If the conditions are not good.

Although it’s sometimes sandy,

He is always in his bed.

It’s with very little motion

That his quiet life is led.

He siphons in and siphons out

His modest needs to meet.

He uses gills for gas exchnge

And catching things to eat.

He only eats the plankton bits

That float in on the tide.

His gourmet gills decide which

Foods his stomach takes inside.

His shell is hinged to open

If he wants his mantle cleaned.

His muscles close it rapidly

If menaced or demeaned.

He doesn’t move around much

So he thinks a lot instead.

Which is greatly to his credit

Since he hasn’t any head.

He hasn’t any eyes or ears.

He hasn’t any nose.

And even though he has a foot

He hasn’t any toes.

But he bears his limitations well.

Is cheerful in the main.

And no one that I’ve heard

Has ever known him to complain.

He’s sociable by nature and

He often shares his bed

With many of his neighbors

Although very little’s said.

As a lover he’s quite shy you know.

He never meets the bride.

But he flings his gametes in

The sea to take a nuptial ride.

As a giddy youth he travels far.

A veliger by name.

But is reckless youth he soon outgrows

And makes a home his aim

For once his wanderlust is gone

He settles down just fine.

And makes a point to always

Be at home in time to dine.

Yes, I never knew a creature

Any nobler than a clam.

He’s quiet and he’s useful

And as gentle as a lamb.

He’s liked by everyone he meets.

Hes temper’s never vicious.

He’s a model of good conduct, true.

But what’s more, he’s delicious!